Five Reasons To Use Our Permanent Building Security

Securing your building is of paramount importance to the future of your investment. We don’t want to see your property go to waste and that’s why our team at Meridian Guardians can offer permanent building security for your property.

You may think that allowing you property to sit vacant is the only option, the cheapest option. Our team at Meridian Guardians are experts in this field and can give you five reasons why you should consider our permanent building security.

  1. It costs you nothing – 24-hour security companies charge around £130,000 a year, our idea costs £0.
  2. Provides affordable housing – we allow students and working professionals to use your property at low prices.
  3. Supports local economy – vacant properties can be targeted by vandals and squatters; our system helps to solve these problems for the local community.
  4. Reduced costs – save on your empty property business rates and reduce your insurance costs immediately.
  5. Secure property maintenance and management – we run regular checks, risk assessments, fittings and decorate to keep your property maintained to the highest order.

We fully vet our residents before they start living in your property and ensure that you can have full access during the contract you enter with us. To discover more about our service and the importance of keeping your building secure, get in touch with us today.

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