Your property and building is your most valuable asset, but sometimes you need to take a step back and enjoy life without the constant worry of what is happening to it. A vacant building is an opportunity for a team like ours at Meridian Guardians to keep it safe and secure with our live-in guardians.

While empty buildings are seized upon by security firms and locked up for the foreseeable future – usually with extortionate prices – we want to make sure that your building is being used during this period. This keeps it secure, drives your costs down and is flexible for its return to you.

We vet our prospective guardians before they come on board with us. This means we can ensure they are working professionals or students, and are grateful for the opportunity to be live-in guardians. The price for you? Absolutely nothing.

That’s why we encourage people to use our service. We inspect your property on a weekly basis and when you’re looking to take your property back, we will ensure it is in the same condition you handed it over to us in.

A 24/7 and 365 days a year guardianship of your property is the best route to keep it in safe hands. To find out why you can trust our service, get in touch with us.