Long-Term House Sitting

Leaving your property unattended for a length of time can be a worrying experience, and being far away from it can leave you unsure of its state. With Meridian Guardians, we provide long-term house sitting services in London to suit your budget and aid the local economy one step at a time.

By using our service, you will forego the need for 24/7 security guards and setting-up expensive alarming systems, by allowing your property to be used while you’re away. You pay nothing at all for this, and we ensure that your property is maintained as you left it.

Putting your property in our hands at Meridian Guardians is a great way to stop squatters, vandals and thieves from taking advantage of your property being uninhabited. We allow your property to be used by local students and working professionals that have been CRB checked and have all our Meridian Guardian Application Requirements.

At Meridian Guardians, we are dedicated to guaranteeing the long-term future of your property by; preventing crime, reducing insurance costs and securing the lowest property protection costs for you. We also offer maintenance for your property so that it is returned in the same state you handed it over to us in.

To find out more about our service, get in touch with our team.

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