Simple And Professional House Sitting In London

If you’re in possession of a property but can’t provide it with the care and attention it requires, then it can become a target for vandals, squatters and unexpected water damage. At Meridian Guardians, we can provide you with professional house sitting in London.

Our service works by bringing vetted guardians into your property to look after and ensure it is in good shape when the keys are returned to you. Whether it’s a short-term plan or an indefinite period, we can help you out.

We will provide your property with working professionals and students which will allow you to rest assured that your investment will be safe without paying extortionate prices. 24/7 security guards will cost you around £130,000 each year and setting up security installations and boarding up will set you back about £50,000.

Our team here at Meridian Guardians can provide you with strictly vetted guardians that will keep your property in use, and ensure that when you ask for the keys back that you have a property that is ready for use. What’s more is that we don’t charge a penny.

Reduce your vacant property business rates up to 95% each year with our team here at Meridian Guardians. Find out more by getting in touch with us today.

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