Three Ways Our Team Help You With Vacant Property Protection

Your investment in property is incredibly important to you, and the longevity of the property means constant care and attention. At Meridian Guardians, we can help you out with our professional vacant property protection.

We understand and empathise that you cannot constantly be there at its beck and call. Our team here can help you relax and take care of your other properties. Here are three ways our team help to keep your vacant property protected in your absence:

  1. Any property is liable to be charged with business rates throughout the time that you own it. Using our service to allow guardians to live in your property, you will reduce your business rates by up to 95% over the time we have it.
  2. Reduce and diminish crime in the area and your property. Your property is not only yours, but part of the community. By calling upon our guardianship services, you will be staving off crime and vandalism in your property and the surrounding area.
  3. Our guardians and our team here will help to maintain your property to the highest standards. This ensures that whenever you take the keys back, you still have a liveable space.

To discover more about our service and how you can protect your property, get in touch with us today.