Vacant Property Protection

Any property needs to be looked after and whether yours is going to be vacant for six months or three years, our team at Meridian Guardians can help. As a dedicated company to vacant property protection, we understand your concerns and will reassure you of our fool proof process.

By allowing us to use your property while it is vacant, you won’t be paying a penny. We will enter a contract which will allow you to take back the keys whenever you’re ready with just a month’s notice.

Rather than paying extortionate amounts for security guards, CCTV installation and patrols, we will ensure your property is being used by students and working professionals. Our system works so that your property isn’t subject to squatters, vandalism and crime but is being used 24/7. We couple this with our regular checks to assure you that your property is being maintained to a high standard.

When you decide to take your property back, we will return it to the state it was in previously but often it looks better. If you’re worried about your property at any point, you are allowed 24/7 access to the building. We only ask that third-party access is given a 24-hour notice period.

To find out more about our service, get in touch with us today.

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