Putting your property into safe hands when it is vacant means calling upon expensive security guards and more to keep it secure, right? Not with Meridian Guardians. We are vacant property specialists in London who provide your property with active guardians that are vetted through our stringent application.

Rather than employing security guards to keep your property secure from vandals and squatters, we aim to keep your property in use at all times. We recruit guardians who are fully-employed professionals or students, which means our system works both ways. Your property is kept in safe hands and can help students or those seeking cheaper accommodation. Our weekly inspections also ensure that your property is being treated well.

We can assure you that your property is safe 365 days a year and 24/7; for the lowest possible price. We ask for £0. You have access to your property whenever you want to check up on it, and we only require four weeks of notice before handing back the keys to your property.

By using our service at Meridian Guardians, you will be reducing your empty property business rates by up to 90% and cut your insurance costs. To find out more and enquire about your vacant building, get in touch with our team today.