How it works???

Using MGL is the best and hassle free way to secure your vacant property.It is beneficial, very cost effective and it doesn't alert the public to the fact that your building is unoccupied.We are going to effectively protect your property by constant occupation.Meridian Guardians (live-in-guardians) are carefully selected by us-MGL. Guardians are fully-employed professionals, key workers , and adult students that meet MGL’s strict requirements. We will make sure that your property is protected and well-maintained twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year, at the lowest possible cost. All of our services are covered by flexible contracts and CCTV installation is included upon your request.
24/7 Security guards£130.000
24/7 Alarmed monitoring£70.000
Security installations & boarding-up property£52.000
Mobile patrol£30.000
Other guardian companiesCirca £5.200
Meridian Guardians£0

You (the property owner) will enter into flexible agreement with us (MGL) which will authorize us to secure your Vacant Property. The agreement is a contract between MGL and the property owner.We normally ask for 90 days minimum term. MGL then, will perform necessary safety checks, prepare the property for 24/7 occupation and provide property guardians for the required period of time. We give to guardians a non-exclusive license to temporarily occupy (secure) your property. At the end of the contract period, the license between MGL and the property guardians terminates automatically. The license is not a tenancy agreement and consequently our guardians cannot claim tenancy rights. Guardians are usually relocated to other properties under MGL management when a contract ends and your building is handled back to you (the owner) in a tidy,clean condition.We require 28 days notice from the owner to vacate the property.You also will be allowed to have constant access to your building.However we will ask for 24h notice for third party access.We can also contribute to utility bills.

Our Guardians Are:

  • CRB certified
  • Fully-employed professionals and students
  • Experienced guardian caretakers with high references and proper documentation
We perform weekly inspections to ensure that Meridian Guardians are providing our clients’ valuable properties with the utmost protection and care.

Vacant Property Business Rates and Environmental Benefits:

• Having Meridian Guardians care for your asset can reduce your vacant property business rates up to 90% per annum and significantly lower property insurance premiums.
• The presence of Meridian Guardians keeps local areas safer and alive. Small businesses, shops, news agents, and restaurants can survive even when previous office workers or tenants are relocated to other areas.
• Meridian Guardians Limited are supported by local Police Forces because our services help to diminish crime and vandalism in many parts of London.
• We will ensure that your valuable property is NOT vandalized, demolished, stripped of valuable metals, set on fire,flooded or squatted.
• We help reclaim abandoned spaces, keep them safe and support the local economy.
• Many of our guardians are active in Charities across London helping disabled,homless and elderly people.

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