Business Owners

Isaac Berg

Property developer, Hastings, East Sussex

Using Meridian Guardians, I had peace of mind knowing that someone is always looking after my properties, protecting and maintaining them. Meridian Guardians was recommended to me by a friend and I would be happy to recommend them to anyone else. live in guardians


small business owner, Catford London

I like this company for every aspect of security service provided to my property! MGL has my recommendation to owner


Commercial estate agent, Notting Hill London

I really recommend Meridian Guardians to everybody out there for their magnificent  security services and management provided.


James L.

Vauxhall London

I have been a guardian for many years for numerous guardian companies.I recently joined Meridian Guardians.This is one of the best guardian companies I have had the opportunity to be associated with!
Meridian Guardians treats it's guardians with respect and dignity,provides safe and clean environment together with a professional training.The guardians are experienced professionals.I highly recommend MGL to anyone who owns vacant property or want to become a guardian and live in a safe,friendly and happy environment.


Lewisham London

Thanks to living with Meridian Guardians I'm much closer to my work place which saves me time spent on commuting. I can finally get on with my hobbies and gym.


Peckham London

Meridian Guardians is very supportive to me and they help me a lot with my perfect, affordable accommodation.